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Hosted at Camp Boggy Creek, NICK’s CAMP is the week of summer camp that is paid for by the Chiera Foundation. NICK’S CAMP stands for Nothing’s Impossible for Cancer Kids, and is named after Nicholas R. Chiera our father who passed away from cancer back in  July of 1989.

The logo was developed through four different generations and members of the Chiera Family.

The acronym was created by his son Vincent, the initial layout and design by his grandson Louis, the sun was then drawn by our Dad’s great granddaughter Isabella. Finally our former camper and college scholarship recipient and part of our extended family Casey Schumacher,a graphic artist created the colors and final look.  

NICK’s CAMP is a magical week of camp where children battling cancer can enjoy their summer just like other kids. Oncologists throughout the State of Florida recommend potential campers who then fill an on line application. Busses then take approximately 150 children to a magical camp facility called Camp Boggy Creek.

To find out more about where NICK’S CAMP comes alive each summer, visit the attached link on Camp Boggy Creek.

Visit our program donation page to learn more about how to help.